|| [pinfo]

  • Name: Vyl
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Sheikah
  • Profession: Sheikah Warrior/Traitor
  • Alignment: Unbiased and looking for glory.
  • Favorite Food: N/A

|| [look]

A slim but toned Sheikah Man, training his whole life to devote himself to the royal family, he stands at 5"11 with an intense posture of standing up straight.

His skin is a pale fair color but you would barely tell as it is wrapped under the traditional garb of the Sheikah. He hides himself under a Hooded Blue Sheikah garb decorated with symbols of the Sheikah Emblem and Bracers, a white scarf wraps around his neck and hides his face along with the hood. Even if you could spot his face his hair is cut short and his eyes give off a faint carmine glow.

Though as of recently his wardrobe has changed to fit his new-found nature to change sides and leave the Shiekah, his outfit resembles the Sheikah clothes he finds comfortable for movement and it's lightweight nature but it is blood-red and any symbol of his people is inverted as a sign that he is no longer a servant to the Royal Family. His gloves are thorned and plated with a dark brown metal and his clothes house many secret pockets.

His new identity needed a new face and so he made his own mask, a varient on the Sheikah's fabled Mask of Truth yet, to mark his freedom like a bird he gave it a beak with a red trim on each side of the beak.

His Sword was a family heirloom of a design passed down from generation to generation, after proving himself during one of the tribe's trials. He took some funds up to the gorons to get his weapon forged.

Vyl Yiga

|| [inventory]

An Eightfold Blade

|| [history]

Vyl was devoted to being the best Sheikah to serve the Royal Family, from a young age of 4 he was trained to become a Sheikah Guard. He heard tales of Great Sheikah who served the Goddesses and guarded the Royal Family for ages and wanted to follow in their footsteps. 

He recieved intense swordsman training exercises and the Sheikah techniques and spells used throughout the tribe.

As he trained and passed through rigorous trials set by the Sheikah, he then was given tasks to prepare him for protecting the Royal families, to which he learned of corruption within the noble families that surrounded the Royal family.

After finding out such information, he began to lose trust in the Sheikah and the nobles until recently when he finally had enough and went his seperate ways.

|| [journey]

|| [END]