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|| [look]

Temple of Time

Though the front grounds of the Temple consists mainly of dried plants and various groupings of shrubs and underbrush, it still radiates a gentle glow of light, an odd relaxing aura to all of those who stand there and look as the incredible structure before them.  To either side of the entrance to the temple sit two reflection pools, the shallow water in them always kept clean so they do a perfect job of reproducing the shimmering image of the temple, its large towers reaching high above the Hyrule skies.  Right after mounting the stairs, there is a quick series of gossip stones sitting in a line, four of them, identical in every way from the same gray face to the painstakingly intricate one eyed design engraved upon them.  Moving towards the door to the temple, one would only then first notice the amazing work that was done to this building, each door being a huge, seamless redwood door, mounted on massive hinges and set into a onyx marble doorframe.

In a realm beyond sight

The sky shines gold, not blue

There the Triforce's might

Makes mortal dreams come true

|| [END]