|| [look]

  • Name: Taki
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Calatian
  • Profession: Captain of the Calatian Royal Guard, swordsman

Taki has dark grey eyes and slightly-messy brown hair. As a skilled swordsman who trains by himself and with the rest of the guards often, he is slender but fit. He is calm, easygoing, and somehow quiet -but definitely not shy- with a strong sense of justice.

He is rarely seen in civilian clothes as he usually wears a grey soldier’s tunic, the official uniform of the Calatian guards. During the hard winters of the region, he wears a thicker version of the same tunic and some leather gloves. He will use an armor when foreign diplomats visit the town or, of course, in case of danger.

|| [history]

As an orphan, Taki has always lived in Calatia with his grandmother. He has a close friendship with Irina, whom he considers almost as his family. He has also developed a deep bond with Irina's adopted son, June.

Taki had an innate talent for swordfighting and was trained by Irina's father, Seiji, eventually becoming the captain of the guard. Taki both admires and respects Seiji, seeing him not only as a mentor but as a fatherly figure. Seiji, for his part, relies on Taki's good judgment when making important decisions.

Despite his adventurous nature, Taki has made himself responsible for protecting his kingdom and has never felt the need to leave Calatia. He is happy living a simple life in the mountain village and knowing that everybody is safe.

|| [END]