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Kokiri forest

Kokiri forest is utterly amazing.  Quite possibly one of the most remarkable things created by the three goddesses, it is the closest that one can get to being in touch with the spirits.  Large stumps of ancient trees compose each Kokiri's home, though many of them still alive and growing very slowly.  Endless swarms of forest spirits float in the forest, weaving in and out in imaginary tracks.  A small worn section marks the narrow footpaths that lie about the forest.  Despite the occasional trimmed leaf and pruned plant, the creatures that live here are loyal and sacred to the forest, never wishing or able to harm it in any way.  To the direct left lies the small trunk of Mido's home, followed further down the line by the Kokiri shop that rests on the edge of a tiny brook and pool.  On the right side sits Saria's home, as well as Link's and a few others.  Up high upon a ledge the right hand side sits another level plain, host to a slightly smaller tunnel which seems to lead to a darker forest.

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