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The village is quaint, just like most other rural towns of its type.  Several squat building sit cozily, tucked into the solid rock walls of the mountain valley the village is built into.  The grass underfoot is soft, with a simple spring to it, each strand kept in rather good condition and trim, most likely by an underpaid and overworked groundskeeper who would do anything out of love of Hyrule's beautiful flora.  A few randomly placed splotches of sandy grain litter the main pathways, the green groundcover worn away by the frequent trodding of villagers in a rush.  Overhead the horizon remains level with the line of stack homes, chimneys jutting out just past the treeline.  On the right side of the village sit various types of brick and stone structures, a few shops as well as long lines of homes.  The same is to the left, only the majority of the shops sit on the left side, barely jutting out past the pathway up the rest of the mountain and to the rough trails beyond.  Ahead, the large circular form of a well and the looming outline of the town windmill and grainery sits against the dominant backdrop.

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