|| [look]

The wide footpath broadens even more here as the hill takes a gentle slope downwards to the east and upwards to the west.  A very fine sand litters the pathway, straying out and over into the wild grasses to either side, and seems to just dissipate and dissolve into the surrounding clearing.  To the right, a narrow yet rather deep river branches off and flows into a cavern of some sort, the other end continuing northward and moving under a small bridge covering the expanse of crystal water.  To the east, the river seems to pool up a bit and create a small pond area, on the opposite side of it and further down the path there sits a tiny grove of towering elms, their branches creating a gateway into a natural made tunnel which bends slightly before leading into a large hollowed out log and beyond.  Further to the east, the pathway leads onward and over a rigde, accompanied by a tiny foot high wooden picket fence and past an abnormally large boulder sitting in the middle of the plain.

|| [END]