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Hyrule Castle Market is the gathering place for most of the Hyrule villagers.  The path moves straight though the marketplace and leads to the expanse of the castle itself, whose turrets provide a glorious backdrop for the scene.  Hylians are in a constant hurry about the marketplace in the day, but most stay indoors in the later hours of the night.  Upon first entering the marketplace, one would note the Bazaar which is tucked away to the left hand side, a series of crates sitting just outside the door.  Another small door sits to the left of the entrance, usually locked in the daytime to any patrons.  A lone tree sits towards the center area of the market, a wonderful stone fountain just beyond it.  Just ahead there is a short flight of wooden stairs which leads to a small ledge.  Lining the right side of the main path is a quick series of plants, watered daily and in the prime of their lives.  Further down, just past the bazaar, there is the herbal shop, its sign hanging boldly over the door.  Beyond that lies the great steps and pathway to the Temple of Time, a shrine of the great Kingdom.  Towards the back of the market sits two more buildings, one unlike any other as it has the odd form of a mask type face uptop its roof.  The other is similar to the shape of the bazaar or to the potion shop, but is made of red brick and uptop its door sits the symbol of a bow and arrow.  On the left side, tucked neatly between the buildings are two paths, one heading east the other west, which lead to the houses of the Hylians which Hyrule Castle Town is host to.

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