|| [help]

To get information about a character or place:

  • /look <character_or_location> (you can also use /look here)
  • /pinfo <character>
  • /history <character_or_location> (you can also use /history here)
  • /inventory <character_or_location> (you can also use /inventory here)
  • /whois <character> - Displays the main character for a particular player.

Commands used to pose:

  • To pose normally, no commands are needed. Just type what you want to say and press enter.
  • To pose anonymously: /spoof <pose>
  • To pose as a different character: /p <character_name> <pose>

Other commands:

  • To set a character as the main account you use (if you have more than one): /setmain <character>

Type /helpme <command_without_slash> to get more details about any of these commands.

|| [look]


It shows what the character looks like. To use it, type the following:

  • To look at a character: /look <character>
  • To look at your character: /look me or /look <your_name>
  • To see the description of a room: /look <room_name> or /look here (if you are in the room)

(You won't be able to see information about your character until you create a page on the Wiki with your character's name and enter that information.)

|| [pinfo]


It gives you more details about a character and is very similar to /look. Use it as follows:

  • To get information about a character: /pinfo <character>
  • To get information about yourself: /pinfo me or /pinfo <your_name>

|| [inventory]


It shows what a character is carrying or what is in a room. Is is also used just like /look:

  • To look at a character's inventory: /inventory <character>
  • To look at your inventory: /inventory me or /inventory <your_name>
  • To see what is in a room: /inventory <room_name> or /inventory here (if you are in the room)

|| [history]


It shows history for a character or location. To use it, type the following:

  • To read a character's history: /history <character>
  • To show your character's history: /history me or /history <your_name>
  • To show history for a location: /history <room_name> or /history here (if you are in the room)

|| [whois]


To use this command, type /whois <character>

If you need to contact a character and you don't typically see them online, use the /whois command. They probably connect and pose as all their characters from that different account.

|| [spoof]


To use this command, type /spoof <pose>

This command allows you to write a pose anonymously; your name and icon will not appear in the pose. This is very useful when you are typing poses that are not specific to any character, or if you don't want other players involved to know who is posing. For example:

/spoof The Stalfos seem to explode in plies of bones rather easily, but something seems off... Just then, a couple of giant Stalfos plow through the front Walls of the Wolfos, stomping inward angrily along with another ten to twenty regular sized Stalfos.

Everybody in the room will see the following:


|| [poseas]


For those players who play several characters (or alts, as we used to call them on the MUCK), this command allows them to pose as a different character without having to switch accounts or /spoof them.

It also has other fun uses, like allowing players to pose as certain enemies (showing the name and icon of that enemy) without having to /spoof them.

To pose as a different character, use: /poseas <character_name> <pose> or /p <character_name> <pose>

For example, say you have two accounts, one for Kotake and one for Koume. You are logged on as Kotake but want to pose as Koume without switching accounts. You would type the following:

/p koume Koume laughs evilly.

This would show "Koume laughs evilly" with her icon and name, just as if you were logged in as her. Everybody in the room will be able to see it.

Other things to take into consideration:

  • If you try to pose as somebody else’s character, you can still do it but it will say your name next to it.
  • If you try to pose as a character that doesn’t exist, it will show whatever name you type with a Triforce icon. This keeps things more 'in character' instead of having to use spoof. (Note: If you would like to /poseas a character whose name is made up of several words, just use an underscore or a dash: "/poseas castle_guard The guard smiles." The underscores or dashes will not appear in the result and the name will be capitalized.)
  • The Happy Mask Shop room is the only exception: You can pose as anybody, even is that character is not yours, and nobody will know who actually posed. Have fun! ;)

|| [setmain]


To use this command, type /setmain <character>

Players who have several characters can let other players know which account (character) they typically use to connect, in case somebody needs to get a hold of them.

|| [END]