|| [look]

This place... Nothing survives in this desert. The air is hot, stagnant, dry, sandy, and in a constant state of motion, the sand within blinding any eyes that should chance to contact it. _Nothing_ more than a few feet away can be seen, and the sand below is soft enough that a small child would sink to his knees. There are some poles, barely visible, that head off in one general direction. To the side, there is a sign pointing in its own direction. Off, following the poles, there is a natural obstruction; a large pit of moist quicksand somehow has made its appearance in this barren land. One could probably risk running across, or could use one of the crates on either side to grapple across. Fairies have it easy, able to simply fly over it, although they normally stray this arid desert, save for an occasional one of the healing variety. There is sand blowing in every direction, so a scan of the horizon is impossible...

|| [END]