|| [look]

This building is a miracle of masonry. It stands at an impressive height, and inside is quite intricate. There are a few ground level doors that the fortress can be entered through, though one of them has a gate over it. There are some crates around, possibly filled with stolen goods. To the left side of the Fortress, there is a balcony, with a window underneath. That is where you end up if you get caught. A flagpole, atop which is set a thin red flag, also stands near here. Next to it, a staircase has been dug right in the ground, making a direct route between the entrance and the Fortress. Behind and to the right of the Fortress, a sign with a target on it is suspended by two posts in the walls, and behind it, a natural path leading to whatever operation is run behind by these thieves of the desert. The Gerudo are known to be great horseback archers, and perhaps that is what the area behind is for.

|| [END]