Name: Dorjan

Race: Wizzrobe

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male (if wizzrobes even have gender)



Image is (VERY) approximate


|| [look] Dorjan is a (LttP-style) wizzrobe. He is easily distinguished from most other wizzrobes by the blood-red color of his pointy wizard's hat (yes, much taller and pointier than in the reference pic, there's only so many clothing options in The Sims 3) and his deep purple robe. Other than that, he looks just like other wizzrobes, which is to say his head is a mass of darkness that seems a touch insubstantial at the edges and is featureless apart from a pair of malevolently glowing yellow eyes. ||



|| [history] Where Dorjan came from is anyone's guess -- how do any wizzrobes come into being, for that matter? All that is known about him amongst the heroes of our game starts with his attack on the Dukedom of Loranis. Read up on it in John's page if you're interested. Since then, Dorjan has traversed the land until he came to Hyrule, and there staged an elaborate night-time raid on Hyrule Castle Town. He stole an artifact of unknown purpose during that attack, and...well, who knows what he intends to do with it, or with Ruscov's soul. ||


|| [abilities] Elemental Blast (master proficiency): Dorjan is an exceptionally powerful wizzrobe, able to conjure and fling blasts of fire, ice, and lightning. Stronger blasts take him a moment to charge up, but he can produce magical mayhem for quite a while without growing tired.

Necromancy (master proficiency): Dorjan can raise up and command many types of undead monsters -- stalfos, redeads, poes, dead hands, etc. The more powerful the monster, the more effort it takes for him to create and maintain it. Given enough time (a matter of weeks of short creation sessions with nothing too strenuous demanding his focus in between times), Dorjan can raise a small army of horrors, but he generally only keeps a few minions around as guards, if that. In a pinch, Dorjan can call up a few monsters or one especially big one in just a moment's concentration, but it can be interrupted by a speedy enough intervention and makes it difficult for Dorjan to use his other abilities for a minute after succeeding.

Teleportation (medium proficiency): Like all wizzrobes, Dorjan can fade out of existence and reappear a short distance away. This ability takes very little effort and can be performed repeatedly many times, although it can leave Dorjan vulnerable as he is vaguely visible and immobile for a second before reaching full tangibility. ||