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The sandy, burning winds have somewhat subsided here, though strong breezes still affect the few sand dunes that exist within the area. Those sands which are unaffected by the wind are interlaced with the multiple networks of leever roots, giving them the ability to sense where and what stands upon the burning earth. This area seems to be teeming with life -- at least compared to the wasteland. The forest of the Kokiri tends to be much more lively. Straight ahead, though, stands a gigantic temple. The visage of a mighty goddess rests on the front, her hands held parallel to the ground. The origin and purpose of the statue are still hidden, though, but the area appears to be some sort of temple of worship. There is a large block of stone afront the temple, serving as some sort of porch, which leads up to a large doorway. Fronter still rests a sturdy, natural stone archway. To the right of the temple is placed a large, hexagonal seal. Along the right wall, there is a fissure heavily set into it.

|| [END]