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More of a canyon than a trail, somewhat even from foot traffic, and oddly enough the walls of rock are fairly smoothed, as if cut from the living rock of the mountain.  Immediatly along this stretch is a sharp angled turn, going left or right depending on which way your going, with a large red boulder resting on the end that heads away from the Village below.  Often little red tekitites can be found hopping about, giving travelers unending grief in their wanderings too and fro.  From time to time a great boulder will roll down from above, bouncing around the boulders that line the straitaway of the trail, crushing anything in their path. Besides hiding behind these boulders there is one other escape route from these rolling menaces, and it is a small alcove in the rock wall, blown open by a bomb, juding by the seven year old fragments of the casing laying on the inside. Traveling towards where the boulders come from shows a bend in the trail, a cave becoming visable, and another ridge headed upward as well.

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