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CW Location

Welcome to the Crimson Wolfos Inn!

You enter a large room, and immediately the delicious smell of cooking food invades your senses.  Directly opposite the entrance, on the other side of the Tavern, is a large bar, behind which there seems to be a good supply of ale and wine, and a few other of the Inn's specialties. A swinging door with a sign on it reading "Staff Only!" leading to the kitchen is also visible, the sounds of clanging pots and pans and an occasional shout from one of the cooks emits from behind it over the din of patrons laughing and talking in the main room.  The crackling of flames licking wood can also be heard, for left of the entrance, surrounded by a large cluster of tables, is the hearth, in which there is often a bright fire burning.  Other tables and chairs are scattered about the open area of the Tavern, and to the right a stairway leading up to the Inn's many rooms can be seen. 

Up the stairs, a long hallway greets your view, dimly lit by candle la mps that rest on the walls between the many doors here.  Each door has a number neatly engraved into it, with the exception of those that belong to the Inn's workers.  

|| [END]